Component Parts for Major 5001 Wire Stripping Machines

May 24, 2013

Major 5001 Component PartsIn the event that your 5001 wire stripper needs to have a small part replaced, Major Electronix is now offering separate component parts through our website for our 5001 wire stripping machines. The 5001 wire stripper is all electric and can accommodate 30-14 AWG single conductor wire. The 5001 makes it possible to strip different sizes of wire without having to change the cutting blades while featuring a lightweight, space-saving design. Replacement sets of 5001 cutting blades are now available through the Major Electronix website, as well as blades for the 5002 and 5003 machines. The 5001 cutting blades come as a set of four blades and four screws. Other individual parts include replacement feet, circuit boards, the cutting head, the motor & clutch assembly, gauge indicators and adjustment knobs, as well as the 5001 clamping cam kit.

The gauge indicators include those for the wire diameter and the stripping length, along with their corresponding pointer arms. The adjustment knobs are for setting the amount of wire to be stripped. Among the other parts offered is the scrap drawer, which collects all the pieces of stripped insulation. It is removable so it can be periodically emptied. There are also lighted and unlighted switches for operating the machine.