Product Spotlight: Major 5001 Wire Stripper

November 20, 2013

Major 5001 wire stripperThe Major 5001 wire stripper is designed to be compact and lightweight, adding to the portability and ease of use. The 5001 is adjustable from 14-30AWG, so the blades do not need to be changed for every size of wire. The adjusting knobs also allow the wire to be completely or partially stripped. It is very simple to use, having plug and play capabilities and requiring just a few basic steps to operate. First, set the wire size and strip length using the adjustment knobs located near the top of the machine. Then select whether the wire is to be fully or partially stripped. Next insert the wire into the machine, which will start stripping when the wire touches the stop inside. The cutting head features four blades and can strip wires up to 0.4". A drawer on the side collects any insulation scraps and can be emptied when it gets full. A unique feature in the 5001 is that it is able to strip Teflon and other similar insulation materials as well as PVC. Keep in mind that the 5001 is not intended to strip wire for scrap. Like our other wire strippers, the 5001 needs very little maintenance. The simpler operation means it is less likely to stop working or need an expensive repair than its computer powered counterparts.

Major Electronix has a number of separate 5001 replacement parts available, including sets of cutting blades, adjustment knobs and pointers. Rounding out our product line are the 5002 & 5003 wire stripping machines, which each have their own characteristics. We also can test wire sample if you are unsure if the 5001 machine is right for you.