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Macromatic TR-60626 True Off Delay 12V Time Delay Relay

Macromatic TR-60626 Time Delay Relay
Macromatic TR-60626 True Off Delay 12V Time Delay Relay

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MFG P/N: TR-60626
MFG: Macromatic
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The Macromatic TR-60626 is a True Off Delay Time Delay Relay. This programmable multi-range plug-in relay has an input voltage of 12V AC/DC at 50/60Hz and 10A DPDT output contacts. It has 8 built in time ranges, from 0.05 sec to 30 min, using a rotary switch. The TR-60626 uses an 8 pin 70169-D octal socket. Please Note: Even though this relay is intended to arrive in the OFF state, a shock during transit can trigger the ON state. It is therefore suggested to apply input voltage to the relay for at least 0.1 seconds and then taking it out to make sure the relay is now in the OFF state.

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Dial Setting Timing Range
A 0.05-5 sec
B 0.1-10 sec
C 0.3-30 sec
D 0.6-60 sec
E 1.8-180 sec
F 3-300 sec
G 0.1-10 min
H 0.3-30 min


  • Function- True Off Delay
  • Timing Range- 0.05 Sec - 30 Min
  • Input Voltage- 12V DC
  • Output- 10A DPDT
  • Voltage Tolerance- AC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal at 50/60 Hz.
    DC Operation: +10/-15% of nominal.
  • Load- 2VA
  • Setting Accuracy- Maximum Setting: +5%, -0%
    Minimum Setting: +0%, -50%
  • Repeat Accuracy- > 2 Seconds Delay +/- 0.1%
    0.1 - 2 Seconds Delay +/- 2%
  • Reset Time- 0.1 Seconds
  • Start Up Time- 0.08 Sec
  • Maintain Function Time- 0.01 Sec
  • Temperature- -28 C to 65 C (-18 F to 150 F)
  • Output Contacts- DPDT 10A @ 240V AC, 8A @ 28V DC,
    1/2HP @ 240V AC, 1/4HP @ 120V AC
    B300 & R300
  • Life- Mechanical: 2,000,000 Operations
    Full Load: 100,000 Operations
  • Dimensions- 2.4" H x 1.7" W x 3.5" D
  • Approvals- UL & CUL Listed (with socket), CE, C UR US

Macromatic TR-6 Series Relay Installation Instructions

TR-60626 8 Pin Plug In Time Delay Relay

Additional Product Information

The True Off Delay function energizes the output when the input voltage is started (input voltage needs to be in place for at least 0.5 seconds). The time delay starts when the input voltage is taken out and the output stays energized for the duration, after which it is de-energized. The time delay is reset if the input voltage is reapplied during this process.

Explanation of Macromatic Time Delay Relay Timing Functions

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