Lumberg Automation Connectors

Lumberg Automation has many years of experience, having been in business since the early 1980s. Their products prove useful in many different applications and industries. They undergo rigorous testing for a number of conditions including shock & vibration, outside conditions, and exposure to chemicals, with processes in place ensure the quality of the products. Major Electronix offers a number of different products from Lumberg Automation, including M12 cordsets, M12 receptacles, M8 cordsets, and M12 distribution blocks.

M12 (Micro) Connectors - Made for machine wiring, with a range supporting up to 250V and 4A. They are designed to withstand the more demanding conditions found in the industrial environment. Product line available through our online store includes M12 Molded Cordsets, and M12 Receptacles.
M12 Power Connectors - Designed for power transmission. Available in 630V AC or 63V DC. 630V cordsets are ideal for AC motors, auxiliary power, and frequency inverters. 63V cordsets work well for DC power supplies, Ethernet systems, and network devices. Known by their blue connector heads. Product line currently includes molded cordsets.
M8 (Pico) Connectors - Offering a cost effective option, these connectors are perfect for use in tight spaces, supporting up to 60V and 4A. Like the M12 connectors, they have various IP ratings for dust and water protection, and are useful for sensors and actuators. Currently our online store offers a selection of M8 molded cordsets, with other M8 products also available to order over the phone.
M12 Distribution Blocks - The M12 distribution blocks available through our online store include both passive and active models that provide a way to hook up multiple M12 connections. The active units include Ethernet, Profinet, and Profibus protocols. They have low profile housings, with embedded ports so they won't take up much space, and feature IP 67 protection. Also available is the Lion-P series of IO-Link M12 distribution blocks