Fandis Fan Filter Assemblies & Accessories

January 28, 2013

Fandis Fan Filter AssemblyThe Fandis line of fan filter assemblies offered through Major Electronix are all part of the FPF series or FF series of fan filters. Major Electronix offers assemblies both with and without fan attachments, in a variety of sizes ranging from 150mm to 325mm. Compact and simple to install, the FPF series is characterized by a low external profile, a snap-mounting with elastic hooks and an integrated sealing gasket for protection from dust and water. The low external profile ensures that the fan will not take up too much space or get in the way of anything else. The FF series is an update to the FPF series and can be crossed with it. It streamlines installation by not requiring any tools, it can simply be pushed onto the enclosure. The FF series will be replacing the FPF series as the FPF stock sells out. The fan filters and filter assemblies can come in gray or black, depending the model. Filter media is also available separately in varying sizes.

Major Electronix also offers other fan accessories, including bimetallic thermostats from Seifert. Normally open, these thermostats are in Fahrenheit scale and are used to control the temperature inside enclosures. It can be set to a certain temperature and turn the fan on to prevent overheating. It has a wide temperature range and is rated IP 20. Screw terminals allow for electrical connections.