EternaBond Sealant Tape

March 26, 2014

EternaBond sealant tapeEternaBond Sealant Tape and Leak Repair Products are now available through Major Electronix. EternaBond is especially useful in commercial roofing and industrial leak repair. The sealant tape is easy to use and comes in different varieties to meet the demands of the application. These tapes use MicroSealant Technology in order to form a bond, meaning they will permanently stick to a surface, even under harsh conditions such as exposure to moisture or extreme temperature. Lengths & widths of the tape vary depending on the type.

Currently there are several different varieties of EternaBond Sealant Tape available, including DoubleStick, AlumiBond, WebSeal, WindowSeal and RoofSeal. As their names suggest, RoofSeal and WindowSeal are perfect for roof and window installation, respectively. DoubleStick has sealant on both sides and is easily molded. It can be used to bond two different surfaces or can be shaped to act as a gasket. AlumiBond features an aluminum backing so it is useful for tank repair or metal roof repair. Since it needs no UV protection, AlumiBond is great for use in other outdoor applications. WebSeal is characterized by its woven backing and high flexibility, so it can be easily shaped in and around other objects. Besides roof repair, these tapes prove useful for many other jobs, including drain and pipe repair, ductwork and industrial tanks.

Other leak repair products available include EternaClean and EternaPrime. EternaClean is used in surface preparation before applying the tape to get rid of dirt and grease. EternaPrime is a surface conditioner that will help the EternaBond Sealant Tape stick when applying it in cold temperatures. EternaPrime is also used for treating surfaces that may be particularly difficult to get clean forming loose particles into a solid surface.