Cooltron AC and DC Fans

February 6, 2013

Cooltron cooling fanA variety of AC and DC fans from Cooltron are now available through the Major Electronix online store. Cooltron fans have been manufactured by ISO certified factories, and come with a 3 year standard warranty. Cooltron fans also feature a 25% shorter lead time. They are intended for use mainly with cooling computers and control cabinets, however they can be used in other areas, such as medicine and telecommunications. These fans are also known as axial fans, meaning they can draw air out along the axis of the fan. Cooltron fans can come from the Excellence Series or the Standard Series. The Excellence Series fans have the life expectancy and performance level to be used in more demanding applications. The Standard Series presents a cost effective solution when a more expensive fan is not necessary.

The Cooltron fans offered through the Major Electronix online store feature dual ball bearings with wire or terminal leads. The brushless DC fan currently available is 12V and 120x120x32mm. The inductive AC fans come in 115V &or 230V configurations which range in size from 80x80x25mm to 172x151x51mm. Both AC fans and DC fans each have different characteristics based on the type of current. AC fans usually have a higher voltage and a steady rate of flow. DC fans consume less energy and are not as affected by electromagnetic interference.