HTP Connectors

Types of Connectors from HTP

Major Electronix carries several different types of products from HTP (High Tech Products), mainly consisting of different types of DIN 43650 connectors. This line also includes M12 connectors, M8 cables and cabinet lighting.

Sensor Connectors

M12 Connectors

The selection of HTP M12 connectors includes molded cables, receptacles, and hardwired connectors. Available with 4 or 5 pins. They can be ordered either online or over the phone.

M8 Connectors

HTP M8 connectors available online include 3 pin, 5 meter, female molded cables. M8 hardwired connectors and receptacles, as well as other molded cables can currently be ordered over the phone.

Valve Connectors

Hardwired Valve Connectors

HTP hardwired DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors are available with or without a circuit, in Form A, Form B, or Form C styles. This also includes specialty connectors, such as UV resistant and ATEX approved versions.

Molded Valve Connectors

Molded HTP DIN 43560 valve connectors come in Form A, Form B, or Form C, with molded cable attached, typically ranging from 1 to 10 meters. Available with or without a circuit. Also includes top entry versions.


Control Cabinet Lighting

HTP 6000K LED tube lights are made for illuminating control cabinets. Available in 11-52W, with lengths varying from 250mm to 1270mm, they feature a male M12 connector on one end and a female M12 connector on the other.

Work Lighting

These HTP LED work lights have a 50mm or 64mm diameter, and have a color temperature of 6000K. Available in 2.5W or 4.2W, they are each attached to a male 4 pin M12 connector.