Circuited Molded 9.4mm Form C DIN 43650 Connectors

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Circuit Options

10-50V LED + Diode

24V LED + MOV Suppression

110-120V LED + MOV Suppression

9.4mm Form C DIN Circuited Molded Cable Connectors

Major Electronix carries the full line of Form C DIN connectors with molded cable, 9.4mm pin spacing, and a circuit. They feature an LED indicator, diode, or MOV Surge Suppression (varistor), in cord lengths of 2, 3, 5 & 10 meters. Available from HTP and Omal, these Form C DIN connectors are used mainly with solenoid valves, but can be found in a number of different applications. The LED indicates the voltage is present while diodes or surge suppression gives over-voltage protection to the load. The HTP DIN connectors come with an integrated NBR gasket. The Omal connectors come with a thermoplastic flat gasket. Both HTP and Omal DIN connectors feature 2 poles + 2 grounds. The HTP connectors have an operating temperature range of -22 F to + 176 F while the Omal DIN connectors have a -40 F to 176 F temperature range.