Circuited 8mm Form C DIN 43650 Connectors

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8mm Form C DIN 43650 Connectors with Circuit Options

These DIN 43650 Form C Hardwired Female Connectors with a circuit have 8mm pin spacing. Available through Major Electronix from HTP and Omal, these Form C Din connectors are 2 poles + Ground and have several different circuit options. These options include LED Indicators, diodes and/or MOV surge suppression (also called a varistor), with 24V or 110-120V voltage ratings. The Omal solenoid valve DIN connectors have a PG 7 cable entry while the HTP connectors can accommodate 4 to 6.5 mm cable. Having a varistor in the DIN connector adds protection, as it can absorb or redirect power surges when they happen. Keep in mind MOV surge suppression won't activate until an over-voltage surge is detected. The Form C DIN connectors are most commonly used for solenoid valves, although they are also often found in pneumatic and hydraulic applications as well.