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Thread Enlargers can correct thread size problems

The complete line of Sealcon nickel plated brass and nylon plastic thread enlargers are handled by Major Electronix. They are the easiest way to switch the size on a threaded connector. Also known as Hummel, these threaded enlargers are all compatible with the Sealcon liquid tight fittings and are especially helpful when dealing with European thread sizes. They can switch the larger female metric, NPT and PG thread sizes and come in different styles in order to accommodate whatever size/type of thread you may have. If a thread is off by one or two sizes these threaded enlargers can correct that issue. The nickel plated brass and nylon plastic thread enlargers are submersible as well as being resistant to stress and corrosion. They are resilient against substances such as salt water, alcohol, gasoline, weak acids and animal & vegetable oil. The black nylon plastic enlargers are long lasting in sunny conditions, as they are made with UV / Ozone stable material. Threaded enlargers can be used in a wide variety of applications and industries including marine, communications, robotics, lighting, medicine, and transportation.