LED Light Fixtures from SLG Lighting

September 10 2018

SLG LED lighting fixturesA recent addition to Major Electronix has been the line of LED light fixtures from Spring Lighting Group (SLG). SLG offers a number of different types of industrial light fixtures that they create and build in house. Available for both indoor or outdoor use, this includes wall packs, flood lights, and high bay luminaires. All of their fixtures come with a 10-year limited warranty and typically have most items regularly in stock.

The outdoor LED fixtures available through our online store are all suitable for wet locations and include area lights, flood lights, dusk to dawn lights, and wall packs. The AL series area light features 10K surge protection and can be mounted in several different ways. Separate accessories for pole mounting, slip-fitter, trunnion, or wall mounting are all available. The LED flood lights come with rectangular or round housings, with the rectangular ones having small, medium, or large sizes to cover applications ranging from accent lighting to parking lots. The dusk-to-dawn utility light features a photocell and is made to power on only at night. It also comes with a right-angle arm to mount to vertical walls or poles. Wall packs are currently available online with a medium size traditional housing or slim housing. The slim housing wall pack is adjustable up to 20 degrees and works for heights up to 15 ft.

SLG Lighting indoor LED fixtures feature canopy lights, high bay fixtures, and vapor tight lights. The canopy lights have a square housing with a white or dark bronze finish. They also offer different mounting options such as junction box, surface conduit, or pendant. The HC series high bay LED fixtures are circular, with a hook mount, while the HE series are rectangular high bay luminaires that can be pendant mounted or hung by a chain. The HE series lights have a frosted lens and are 0-10V dimmable. The vapor tight lights feature a sealed housing that keeps out dirt and water, as well as a high impact lens that handles up to 1500 PSI hose-down. They can be surface mounted or hung by a chain.

This is just a current sampling of the SLG Lighting fixtures that are available, along with a number of different accessories. Other types of LED fixtures are available for purchase over the phone.