Sealcon Black Nylon Strain Relief Made for Outdoor Use

June 7, 2013

Sealcon black nylon strain reliefSealcon black nylon plastic strain relief fittings are ideally suited for use in outdoor applications. Besides being resistant to flame and corrosion, the black nylon cord grips are long lasting in sunny conditions. These fittings, which are made from UV / Ozone stable material, meet the UL standards for water and UV exposure as well as water immersion. This protection from UV rays makes the black liquid tight fittings especially useful in the solar and photovoltaic industries, as well as many other types of outdoor uses. UV stable material ensures that it will stay resilient against fading and cracking due to a high amount of sun.

Because these fittings are submersible and resistant to corrosion, they can be found in various marine applications as well. They can stay protected against salt water and other liquids, including various chemicals. It is always a good idea to make use of an O-Ring if the cable gland is going to be exposed to wet conditions. Besides solar and marine, the black cord grips are useful in outfoor lighting applications as well as in transportation. These cable glands are also meet the ratings for environmental compliancy, so there's is no need to worry about them containing harmful materials.

Major Electronix offers a full range of black nylon plastic dome and flex strain relief from Sealcon. They are available in NPT, PG and metric sizes. For further resilience, there is also the line of fiberglass reinforced polyamide black cable glands that are ATEX approved for use in hazardous locations.