Sealcon Strain Relief Useful in Marine Applications

February 25, 2013

Sealcon Strain Relief FittingSealcon strain relief fittings are useful in various boating and marine applications. Dependable in both commercial and recreational uses, they can be practical where liquid tight, submersible fittings are needed. Sealcon fittings are strong and resistant to stress and corrosion. The black plastic nylon fittings are also resistant to UV rays and are long-lasting in sunny conditions. The nylon plastic and metal fittings can be permanently submerged up to 150PSI, so they are beneficial for use in pumps, dive lights and dive cameras. The strength and stress resistance of the nickel plated brass fittings make them especially suited for use in cranes, hoists, and various equipment in pilothouses.

Other versions of strain relief fittings include the EMI-RFI range of nickel plated brass cable glands that are resistant to electromagnetic interference, which also includes ATEX approved cable glands made for use in hazardous locations. This makes them useful in radar, navigation and radio equipment. The Mini WADI metal cord grips work best is small applications where space can be an issue. All of these cable glands come with RoHS and Deca BDE approval, which are both environmental ratings set to ensure safety when using the part.

The line of Sealcon nickel plated brass and nylon plastic strain relief fittings is available through the Major Electronix online store. This includes both flex top and dome top, in metric, NPT & PG sizes. Cord grips with different inserts are available, which can be interchangable to increase the range of the part.