Sealcon Romex Cord Grips

June 28, 2013

Sealcon Romex Cord GripsRomex strain relief cord grips from Sealcon are now available through the Major Electronix website. The fittings feature a Romex plastic insert that can accommodate various sizes of flat cable. As with the other Sealcon liquid tight fittings, the Romex fittings are made from plastic that is resistant to corrosion and is resilient against substances such as salt water, alcohol, weak acids, animal & vegetable oils. They can be used for a number of applications and are ideal for direct burial installation. The black nylon plastic Romex fittings are made from UV / Ozone stable material, making them long lasting in sunny conditions. They also meet the RoHS and Deca BDE standards for environmental safety.

Romex cable is sometimes referred to as type NM cable. NM cable is non-metallic covered cable that is often found building construction. It is made for electrical connections, intended for use inside, in typically dry areas. The flat design makes it easier to pull through.

These cord grips are currently available online in gray or black nylon plastic, in PG, NPT or metric sizes. Romex cable glands are only available as a dome top fitting. Like other Sealcon inserts, these Romex flat cable inserts can be switched out when needed. Insert options include the multi-hole and reduced inserts. These cable glands are not intended for use with ribbon cables or zip cables.

Romex is a registered trademark of the Southwire Company.