Product Spotlight: Sealcon PG 11 Flex Fitting

March 28, 2013

Sealcon CF11AR-BKThe Sealcon CF11AR-BK PG 11 Flex Fitting (also known as Hummel 1.293.1101.15) is a liquid tight strain relief fitting for 12" - .28" (3 - 7 mm) O.D. cable. Like the rest of the Sealcon strain relief, the CF11AR-BK is liquid tight to 150 psi and can be submersed up to 300ft. It is used to connect cable to applications in many different types of industries, such uses including marine, renewable energy, automotive, robotics and medicine. These fittings are designed to help protect wire and cable from harsh environmental conditions. Made from black nylon plastic, the CF11AR-BK is non-corrosive and durable, being resistant to a number of different liquids and chemicals. It also features ozone protection, making it useful in areas that are exposed to a lot of sunlight. This flex top fitting also has a counterpart made from gray nylon plastic; however the gray nylon is not made to be ozone stable.

This strain relief cable gland has a reduced insert for smaller diameter cables. There are also versions with standard inserts for larger cables, as well as multi-hole inserts. These inserts can be switched out to further extend the versatility of the cord grip.

The Sealcon CF11AR-BK is one of many strain relief fittings offered through Major Electronix. Major Electronix offers the complete range of Sealcon PG fittings, including gray nylon and nickel plated brass. Metric and NPT sizes are also available.