Sealcon Nickel Plated Brass Flex Fittings

January 29, 2014

Sealcon Nickel Plated Brass Flex FittingThe full line of Sealcon nickel plated brass flex fittings is available to purchase either online or over the phone. These strain relief fittings are offered in a wide range of metric, NPT and PG sizes. When corrosion protection is a top priority for an application, it is best to choose the nickel plated brass. Thru the use of the Flex fitting, the cable is prevented from kinks or chafing while in operation. They also help keep the cable in place as well as protect the cable from damage. The splines on the Sealcon fittings overlap, so the form seal stays attached to the fitting. This helps provide an even seal so the form seal stays in place. Inserts, including reduced or multi-hole, can be easily switched out to adjust the size of the cable opening, which increases their range of uses. The nickel plated brass cord grips also come included with an O-Ring, which helps create an even, tight seal so the fitting can be submerged (up to 300ft). This also eliminates the need of having to buy separate O-Ring.

The corrosion resistance of these strain relief fittings makes them especially useful for marine applications. They are also environmentally friendly, being RoHS and Deca BDE compliant. The compliance of these parts indicates that they do not contain certain substances which are deemed hazardous.