Mueller Test Leads & Patch Cords

November 15, 2013

Mueller Test Leads & Patch CordsA wide selection of Mueller test leads and patch cords is now available through Major Electronix. These test leads can be used in many different applications and come in a variety of styles and cord lengths. The test leads can attach a piece of equipment to a test meter, while patch cords can connect two different devices. Mueller test leads are made with tinned copper wire or coaxial cables, with attachments such as banana plugs, plunger clips or alligator clips. The alligator clips on the test leads all come with insulators for greater safety. The tinned copper wires are insulated either with PVC or silicone, with common colors being red or black. The tinned copper wire test leads feature a wide operating temperature range. Test lead sets with insulated alligator clips are also available.

Several of the Mueller test leads can be crossed to meters from many different manufacturers, such as Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, Amprobe or Hitachi. They are made to work as compatible replacements for the meter they are crossed with. For added convenience, the Test Lead to Meter Cross Reference chart lists meters by manufacturer and indicates which Mueller test leads they will work with. Many of the Mueller test leads and patch cords are currently offered online, with more being added soon. If you dont see the particular part you are looking for online, Mueller products can also be ordered over the phone.