Mueller Banana Plugs & Plunger Clips

November 6, 2013

Mueller Banana Plugs & Plunger ClipsMajor Electronix is now offering a selection of Mueller banana plugs and jacks as well as Mueller plunger clips. The Mueller banana plugs and jacks are made to provide a connection that is reliable. The plugs are all constructed from nickel plated brass while the shielded jacks can give added protection. Named for their curved shape, banana plugs are commonly used for terminating patch cords for test equipment. A variety of five way binding posts are also available to provide connections for the banana plugs as well as other types of connections. This makes them a versatile way of creating connections for your equipment. The plugs, jacks and binding posts come in either black or red in a number of different configurations.

The plunger clips come in several different sizes to make sure that test points can be easily accessed, even if the test point is hard to reach. Like the banana plugs, the plunger clips are available in red or black. They are made from nylon with stainless steel springs and beryllium copper contacts. Most are rated for 1000V and 10 or 15A. For optimum safety, the plunger clips are insulated to a single contact point. Other colors and types that are not online may be ordered over the phone.

If you don't see what you are looking for through our online store, all Mueller products can also be ordered over the phone.