Mencom M12 Molded Cables

March 1, 2013

Mencom M12 Molded cables

Mencom offers a wide range of Micro DC (M12) molded cable cordsets which feature an M12 coupling nut and a single keyway. Also known as MDC cordsets, they provide plug and play solutions for a large variety of applications. Please note that the name Micro DC does not mean they are only used with DC currents. The term M12 designates the size of the mating thread. The molded cable is housed in an oil resistant yellow PUR or PVC jacket and is rated at 300V. PVC is a material that is resistant to certain chemicals, while PUR stands up to abrasions. A number of molded cable cordsets are available featuring different lengths from 1 to 10 meters. These M12 sensor connectors are A-coded, which is the industry standard. They can be rated for 4 Amps or 2 Amps, depending on the part. The cables can feature either 18 or 22 AWG wire, with certain parts offering shielding.

Major Electronix offers Mencom M12 straight or right angle cordsets, both male and female, in 2 to 5 pole configurations. We also carry male/female extension cordsets, with a male connector at one end and a female connector on the other. The male/female Y cables have one male connector leading to 2 female connectors. Other M12 connectors, such as hardwired connectors and receptacles, are also available. Other circular connectors include M8 and M23 size sensor connectors.