LiteCycle Push Button Enclosures

August 14, 2013

LiteCycle Push Button EnclosuresIn certain situations, having a push button box that blends into the surrounding environment may not be a good idea. There are situations where the push button box needs to be located quickly, especially if there is a problem or emergency. Push button switch box enclosures from LiteCycle are now available to help resolve that issue. These enclosures will increase safety in the workplace and make it easier to prevent problems from escalating.

The push button enclosures currently come in PBT plastic, with caution yellow or emergency red molded resin face plates. PBT plastic is made to be durable, and is often found in electrical housings. The brightly colored face plates make them aesthetically pleasing and easy to locate, while the resin stays vibrant without fading. The emergency red switch boxes are commonly used for Emergency Stop switches. Currently these switch boxes feature one or two pushbutton entries, in 22-30mm sizes, while all of them have 22mm molded knockouts for easy installation. The plastic material stays resilient against oil, and they are compatible with high temperatures, making them useful in industrial environments.

These LiteCycle push button enclosures are brand new products and will continue to be expanded. They are part of a bigger line of electrical enclosures offered through Major Electronix which includes terminal enclosures and junction boxes. The terminal enclosures feature integrated terminal strips to help save time and increase efficiency. The junction boxes are versatile in order to meet your needs.