LiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures

April 28, 2014

Ivory Terminal EnclosuresLiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures are part of a larger range of electrical enclosures that also includes solid gray, clear cover gray and aluminum versions. The main feature is the integrated terminal block which saves the time and effort of having to install one. This also makes things faster when it comes time to terminate the wires. The ivory enclosures are all made from ABS plastic while most of them have molded knockouts. ABS plastic is made to be especially durable. It can stand up to impacts as well as extremes in temperature. The molded knockouts can be punched out for cable entry, ensuring that the enclosure is easier to use and install. Ivory enclosures without molded knockouts have center spaces marked for drilling. Terminals can be either side mounted or center mounted, depending on the model.

When choosing an electrical enclosure, it is a good idea to keep in mind what application it will be used for. While they do not differ in terms of performance, some are better suited to certain types of jobs than others depending on their type. LiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures are mostly beneficial for offices and medical devices because they present a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The ivory color of the enclosure will tend to blend in better with the surroundings of an office or hospital compared to the gray plastic or aluminum enclosures. The ivory electrical enclosures are perfect for applications where the outside appearance is important.

Major Electronix offers the full line of LiteCycle Ivory Terminal Enclosures. They come in varying sizes and configurations from 4 positions up to 30 and can accommodate various gauges of wire. Other LiteCycle electrical enclosures such as aluminum junction boxes and plastic push button boxes are also available.