ILME Multipole Connector Kits

September 30, 2013

ILME Multipole Connector KitsILME multipole connector kits are now available through Major Electronix. They allow you to save time by getting all the necessary components all at once. This also ensures that all the parts are compatible with each other. These ILME kits come with 3, 4, 6, 10, 16 or 24 pin counts and include a male insert, a female insert, a housing base and a hood. ILME kits can be differentiated by certain characteristics, such as pin count, type of termination (screw or spring), base type (single or double lever), hood thread size or hood entry (top or side). The thread sizes are all in metric, ranging from M20 to M40, depending on the overall size of the kit. Choosing the right set can depend on factors such as the surrounding conditions and frequency of use.

These kits can be used in a number of different applications and industries, including injection molding, transportation, robotics, solar & wind energy, power generation, and food processing, however they are mostly used in process automation. The hoods and bases are made to withstand stress and resist impact. Once the levers are clamped down, the gasket is sealed and the components inside are protected from dust and water. The inserts are reinforced thermoplastic with silver or gold plated contacts. The inserts have the pins numbered on the sides to ensure that they are installed properly.