Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Switches

November 25, 2013

Major Electronix is expanding the line of Hirschmann industrial Ethernet switches available online. The selection of Hirschmann switches currently offered includes unmanaged Ethernet switches from the Spider series, as well as media modules for the Hirschmann MICE modular switches. They are all suitable for the more extreme conditions found in industrial applications. The Spider series unmanaged switches can have single or multimode fiber and include such features as auto-negotiation, auto-polarity and auto-crossing. The Spider series switches have plug and play capabilities and LEDs to indicate the current status and management software. The Spider switches are very cost efficient in that they do not use much energy to function and can work even when exposed to shock and vibration.

Modular switches such as the media modules for the MICE series are adaptable to the changing needs of your network and make it easier to expand based on those needs. These switches work well in more complicated network structures and the media modules can be set up in nearly any configuration to meet your standards. The Octopus series includes waterproof switches, that carry an IP 67 rating. The MACH102 is a workgroup switch that also uses a series of modular switches, that work the best in situations where several devices are working off the same network.

The line of Hirschmann Ethernet switches offered online through Major Electronix is still growing, with more products being added soon.