GardTec Plastic Fan Filter Assemblies

July 31, 2013

GardTec Plastic Fan Filter AssembliesThe line of plastic fan filter assemblies from GardTec offer greater protection and a cost effective solution for cooling fans. The fan filter assemblies consist of an impact resistant plastic fan guard and retainer, and a polyurethane foam filter. They are available to fit fan sizes from 40 mm to 162 mm. These filter assemblies are available in square or round designs, depending on the part.

When dust or dirt gets inside a cooling fan, the system becomes prone to overheating. Overheating can lead to serious problems, such as system failure or loss of data. These plastic fan filter assemblies are designed to prevent that from happening. They also help keep outside dirt and debris away from the inner components of the system, protecting them from damage. Once installed these fan filter assemblies will operate with the greatest amount of air passage, while creating minimal amounts of noise. They are made from impact resistant plastic while meeting flammability / smoke generation requirements.

Major Electronix offers the full line of GardTec plastic fan filter assemblies, so there is sure to be one to meet your needs. We can also cross GardTec fan filter assemblies with other manufacturers. Be sure to make certain of the cooling fan's dimensions before selecting a filter assembly, so you can be sure they match.