GardTec Fan Guards and Accessories

January 23, 2013

GardTec Wire Form Fan GuardA variety of wire & plastic fan guards from GardTec are offered through Major Electronix. GardTec wire form fan guards are available for 25mm to 254mm size fans in different configurations. The smooth rounded edges of a GardTec wire form fan guard allow for greater airflow and less noise than a standard sheetmetal guard. We have GardTec plastic fan guards ranging from 40mm to 162mm in various configurations. The GardTec plastic fan guard design creates the greatest amount of air passage and while producing very low noise levels. These fan guards are made keep outside objects away from the fan while still letting enough air pass through.

We also have a selection of GardTec fan cords and plastic fan filter assemblies. The fan cords come with straight, T-style, 90 degree, or 45 degree heads and are available in varying lengths, up to 60". Certain fan cords come with NEMA plugs or even thermostats to control when the fan comes on. The fan filter assemblies range from 40mm to 162mm sizes and come with a fan guard, foam filter, and retainer. The fan filter assemblies are perfect for keeping smaller particles, such as dust, off the fan. Keeping a cooling fan free from obstructions will contribute to the overall performance and lifespan of the fan.

Many of these products can be crossed with other manufacturers, such as Qualtek, GLOBE and Comair.