Coxreels V Series Vacuum Hose Reels

April 22 2016

Coxreels Vacuum Series Hose ReelsMajor Electronix is now offering Coxreels V series vacuum hose reels through the online store. They come in two different varieties and include both vacuum only or vacuum/air versions. They offer either hand crank or spring driven retraction, so the user won't need an external power source. They feature the same steel construction with CPC powder coating that is characteristic of the Coxreels line. The rolled edges on the discs promote greater safety by eliminating sharp edges. They are intended for use in getting rid of dust, dirt, or even fumes from the job site.

A highlight of the V series is the V100 series V-117-850. It is made for saving space in tight areas, and has a one piece U-frame design. It has a direct hand crank retraction, along with a tension brake to keep the reel in place during transport or while in storage. The direct connect port is made for vacuum hoses with 1-1/2" bullet cuffs, so connections are fast and easy. It accommodates vacuum hoses up to 50 feet, and is the lightest reel in the V series, at approximately 28 lbs. The V-117-850 can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a flat surface.

The other reels in the V series have spring driven retraction, with an enclosed cartridge style spring motor. The spring driven V series reels feature a box frame with steel cross supports on all corners for greater stability. Both of these types of reels are available with single plumbing for vacuum applications only, or with dual plumbing for vacuum and pneumatic use. This is ideal for vacuuming while powering pneumatic tools, as both can be used at the same time. They also create a smoother hose retraction thanks to the open drum slot and low profile riser.

Keep in mind that the V series reels do not come with hoses. They are especially useful in construction, as well as maintenance, manufacturing, and other industrial or commercial vacuum operations. Machine shops, wood shops, and factories are all common examples of areas that can benefit from the V series hose reels.