Coxreels Motor Driven Reels

July 3, 2013

Coxreels Motor Driven ReelsMotor Driven Reels from Coxreels are now available online through the Major Electronix website. The motor driven reels feature various compressed air, hydraulic or electric motors, a few of which are explosion proof. Like the rest of the Coxreels line, these reels are steel constructed, while the A-Frame models are welded into one piece. The blue powder coat finish ensures that the surface has added protection from outside elements. The low profile risers and open drum slots ensure that the hose or cable wraps more smoothly. The motor driven reels that feature direct gear drive, which includes the 1125 and 1275 series, provide smooth and quiet retraction with no chain. Certain series also feature pillow block bearings, which are designed to reduce wear on the bearing while still keeping everything correctly aligned. Many different varieties of motor driven reels are available including dual purpose, high volume application reels, power cord and welding reels. Many of the motor driven reels also come in hand crank versions.

There are four different series of Coxreels motor driven reels available online, including 1125, 1175, 1185, and 1275. Each series is ideally suited to different tasks and applications. Before ordering, it is important to determine certain characteristics about the reel, such as hose specifications, its intended use, the amount of space available, etc. Please note that any reels that weigh over 150 pounds will have to be shipped by freight, so please call us for shipping information. For further assistance in choosing a reel see our Guide to Choosing a Hose Reel and our application chart.