Coxreels Hose Reels Useful in Agricultural Industry

August 23, 2013

Coxreels Hose and Cable reelsSeveral of the hand crank and motor driven series of hose reels from Coxreels are ideal for use in the agricultural industry. Like the other hose reels, they have many features for that make them perfect for professional use. The heavy duty solid spun discs are made with CNC robotic spin cell, while the A-frame reels are robotically welded into one piece, giving added stability and durability. The open drum slots and low profile risers make for smoother, more even hose wraps and smooth rotation is ensured by the sealed pillow block bearings. They have a blue powder coat finish that is resistant to corrosion.

The Coxreels that are most suited for agriculture use include the motorized and hand crank reels of the 1125 and 1175 series, the 100 series, the dolly mounted DM series and the caddy mounted CM series. The 1175 is particularly ideal for larger hose capacities. The 100 series features a compact design for easy use. The dolly or caddy on the DM or CM series makes them conveniently portable.

Farming, landscaping, gardening, watering and lawn maintenance are just a few of the general areas in which these hose reels can be used. Specifically the 1125 series reels are ideal for such uses as hydro seeding, agricultural spraying and golf course maintenence. The 100 series, CM & DM series can be implemented for turf maintenance, or can even be used at home.