Coxreels Products Made for Construction

March 3, 2014

Coxreels hose & cable reelsA number of hose and cable reels from Coxreels prove to be very effective for professional construction purposes. They are built to be durable and stand up to the demands of an industrial environment. Coxreels hose and cable reels are typically made from steel with a blue powder coat finish. The side discs feature rolled edges to further increase their strength. The Coxreels series that are particularly useful include the SH/MP/HP series, T series, CM/DM series and 1175 series.

The SH/MP/HP series includes low, medium and high pressure spring driven hose reels. This series is characterized by larger frames, so the reels are able to accommodate longer lengths of hoses with bigger outer diameters. The T series are also spring driven reels that built to handle especially demanding conditions. These truck mount reels would be especially useful at an off road construction site. The CM/DM series is a group of hand crank reels that are mounted to a hand held caddy or wheeled dolly. The high portability CM/DM series allows them to be easily wheeled or carried to a job site. The 1175 series is a group of hand crank or motor driven reels. Like the SH/MP/HP series, this group also can fit larger hoses with long lengths. They have an A-frame design that is welded into one piece to make them very strong and durable.

These Coxreels hose and cable reels can be used for such construction applications as ground maintenance, water trucks, pneumatic and power tools, high volume applications and lubrication. Each type also has certain advantages. Spring driven and hand crank reels can be used without a power source, while spring driven and motor driven reels can be retracted automatically without manual operation.