Coxreels EN Series Hose Reel

September 3, 2013

Coxreels EN series hose reelsThe Coxreels EN series hose reels are spring driven and are available in low, medium or high pressure capacities. The EN series features a three piece casing that keeps the hose, reel and other components protected from outside conditions. The enclosure also keeps the reel clean and functional, adding to the overall life expectancy of the reel. The EN series is ideal for areas that need a clean and streamlined look. The casing is easily installed and can be removed when the reel needs maintenance. The low pressure reels come with hoses for air or water use, the hoses with the medium pressure reels are good for air, water or oil, while the high pressure hoses can be used for grease or hydraulic oil. Like many other Coxreels, the EN series is constructed from heavy duty steel and features a CPC Powder Coat finish.

The EN series reels are useful in a number of different areas. Industrial uses include chemical fluid transfer, food plants and pneumatic tools. They can even be put to commerical use in restaurant kitchens and grocery stores. The casing around the reel will keep scraps, trash or other materials away from the working components of the reel.

Major Electronix offers the complete line of EN series reels from Coxreels, including versions without a hose. Like the rest of the Coxreels line, the EN series is made here in the USA.