Coxreels CM & DM Mounted Hose Reels

October 23, 2015

Coxreels CM & DM Series Hand Crank ReelsThe Coxreels CM & DM series reels are unique in that they are the only ones mounted for quick transportation. The CM 'Caddy Mount' series and the DM 'Dolly Mount' series are both hand crank hose reels, indicating a manual rewind that does not require an outside power source. This comes in handy for taking the reels straight to a job site, and for easily rolling up the hose when it's no longer needed. They all support applications up to 4000 PSI and can accommodate varying sizes and lengths of hose, depending on the model.

The caddy mount reels have a one piece 1" steel tube frame while the dolly mount reels have a three piece 1-1/4" steel tube frame with 8" rubber tires. The CM series reels have a control bar to prevent the hose from sliding off, as well as holes in the base in case the reel needs to be permanently mounted. The DM series reels have rubber feet to stabilize the reel and keep it from accidentally falling forward. The tall handle on the dolly mount reels is removable, to make things easier when it comes time to store them. A separate kit makes these reels compatible for garden hoses.

These portable Coxreels hand crank hose reels are useful for a number of applications and industries, for example chemical fluid transfer, construction sites, gardening & landscaping, ground maintenance, and washdown applications. Please note that the CM and DM series reels do not include hoses.