Cooltron AC and DC Cooling Fans

  • Dimensions range - 80x80x25mm to 172x151x51mm
  • Voltage - 115V or 230V
  • Alternating current - electricity can change direction
  • Higher voltage than DC fans - more powerful
  • Flow stays consistent
  • Useful in applications less affected by electromagnetic interference
AC Fans

  • Dimensions - 120x120x32mm
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Direct current - electricity flows in one direction
  • Lower voltage than AC fans - consume less energy
  • Flow usually changes based on input voltage
  • Does not cause much electromagnetic interference

DC Fans

Cooltron Advantages

  • Approved by major testing groups and manufactured by ISO certified factories
  • Three year standard warranty on all fans
  • 25% shorter lead time than the cooling fan industrial average
  • Over 200,000 units of inventory stock
  • Broad selection, able to meet different specs & target prices

Cooltron Cross Reference Chart

Cooltron Part Number Guide