Cembre Professional Hand Tools are designed for comfort and ease of use

December 18 2015

Cembre Professional Hand ToolsThe newest addition to the Major Electronix online store is the line of GPT Series Cembre professional hand tools. Currently including professional grade scissors, pliers, and screwdrivers, these tools are made for easy handling and operation. Almost all of them feature dual compound plastic handles, with rubber inserts, for better gripping. These tools all have an ergonomic design, so the user can implement them with as little effort as possible. These tools are perfect for electrical jobs, and are suited for industrial, municipal, or residential applications.

The range of professional grade scissors is headlined by the SC5X, which features a steel frame and glass fiber reinforced handles for even greater durability. The SC5X also comes with a swiveling belt clip, so they can easily be on hand without needing to carry them. All three models of professional scissors have shaped grooves to accommodate different sizes of conductors. The SC5X has a blade hardness of 58 HRC, while the other two have a blade hardness of 56 HRC.

Screwdrivers are available in a variety of sizes, in both flat head and Phillips head versions. Some of them have insulated blades for greater safety. The steel head can have a hardness of 55-59 HRC and the tips are specially treated for protection against corrosion. They can be easily identified by the color coding on the tip of the handle, which is white for flat head or yellow for Phillips head. The line also includes a mains tester screwdriver, as well as angled head and short handle versions.

The pliers also come in different varieties, including long nose, angled nose, short nose electrical pliers, and universal pliers. The design allows for better gripping force with less effort exerted from the user. They have a steel construction with a chrome finish, while the universal pliers feature both gripping and cutting edges. For increased safety, the design also prevents fingers from getting caught between the handles, and includes hand guards. A selection of professional scissors, pliers, and screwdrivers are now available online, with more being added soon.