Cembre Mechanical Tools

July 14, 2014

Cembre Mechanical ToolsMajor Electronix is now offering a selection of mechanical tools from Cembre. Featuring both hand held wire crimping tools as well as wire cutting tools, these products are made to be durable. This range of tools can accommodate almost any size wire gauges. Most all of wire cutters feature steel construction for greater strength, that has been specially treated to stay protected. Many of them have plastic grip handles that are designed to provide better handling and a smoother operation. The crimping tool designs also make more accurate results possible. The Crimpstar range of tools are especially useful, featuring a ratchet for precise crimping and toggle action leverage that minimizes effort. The Crimpstar series also has an emergency release that can open the jaws if necessary, promoting greater safety.

Depending on the part, the crimping tools can work with insulated or non-insulated connectors and terminals. Certain parts are also made for end sleeves, coaxial connectors and sleeve connectors. A variety of different crimping styles are available to fit the needs of your application. The selection of wire cutting tools includes a few that have ratcheting action. Available in different lengths and sizes, they are intended for use only with copper or aluminum. Also available are professional type scissors that feature a wire cutting element.

The Cembre mechanical crimping and wire cutting tools are compatible with other manufacturers terminals & connectors, so long as they are the same corresponding size. Besides crimpers, this line also includes hammers, pliers, and wrenches, as well as a variety of screwdrivers. These mechanical tools are available online or over the phone.