Cembre Crimpstar Mechanical Crimping Tools

September 18, 2015

Cembre Crimpstar Crimping ToolsThe Crimpstar line of hand held mechanical crimping tools from Cembre has a number of features to make them useful in several different types of applications. These tools come with various crimping styles and can accommodate a wide range of wire gauge sizes. They are designed for ease of use, with ratcheting action for more precise crimping. Many also have toggle action leverage to reduce the amount of energy expended. The handles are built to open once the crimping is complete, although they do have an emergency release to open the jaws before they close completely. Crimpstar crimping tools are constructed with blue or orange bi-component plastic handles and specially treated steel jaws for better handling and greater accuracy.

Applications and industries in which Crimpstar proves the most useful include civil and residential electrical systems, automation, and manufacturing. The space saving design and easy to handle operation makes the Crimpstar range ideal for the tight spaces found in doing electrical work. The accurate performance and durable construction is an advantage in manufacturing applications, particularly in establishing reliable connections. The emergency lever and non slip handles also help prevent mishaps and mistakes.

Crimpstar tools can work with insulated & non-insulated terminals, open barrel brass terminals, end sleeves, or coaxial connectors, depending on the particular crimper. The Crimpstar range of Cembre mechanical tools is available to order online or over the phone.